The Benefits of Cloud Storage

01. July 2019 | Drooms Global

Cloud storage has become increasingly popular in business and is widely used across industries. Its success is largely due to the host of advantages it offers.

Unlike traditional methods, cloud storage relies on information being stored virtually on servers. It is based on an on-demand computing model that uses an Internet connection for sharing and allowing access to data. When data is stored on the cloud, i.e. on a third-party server, it can be accessed via multiple devices and anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection.

While cloud computing technology can be harnessed in a variety of ways, cloud storage remains one of its most popular applications at enterprise-level. According to IDC FutureScape predictions, 67% of business’ IT infrastructure and software will be cloud-based by the end of 2020.

The rapid adoption of cloud storage lies behind the benefits it offers SMEs and large corporations in a variety of fields. Advantages include:

Improved Accessibility

Given the way in which data is stored, access to it no longer remains restricted to the office environment. This provides a huge amount of leniency in terms of when and where business data is accessed and results in:

The ability to conduct business faster and more efficiently

Data can be uploaded and updated instantly, and, as physical location is no longer a barrier, greater cooperation among team members is also possible.

Higher employee satisfaction linked to remote working

Studies have shown that flexible working arrangements can boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Given access to the cloud is possible anywhere with an internet connection remote working becomes a possibility.

Contrary to common belief, storing data on external servers does not lower data processing speeds. When using the right cloud service provider, you can enjoy options that actually rival onsite servers in terms of speed.

Better Security and Recovery

In an age of increased cyber threats, cloud storage can also be advantageous in terms of security. In one estimate by RapidScale, businesses witnessed a 94% improvement in security after switching to the cloud. Hardware in particular is subject to damage and disintegration over time.

The key security benefits of secure cloud storage include:

  • Continuous data monitoring – You can instantly be alerted to uncommon activity whether it’s coming from an external or internal source
  • Enhanced encryption – Files can be heavily encrypted to make data much harder to hack and decipher
  • Better compliance – Data can be stored in compliance with the latest legislation including the likes of the General Data Regulation (GDPR)

Virtual data room (VDRs) environments also benefit from secure login systems that often offer multifactor authentication. In addition, they tend to guarantee fast back up and disaster recovery lowering the risk of costly downtime. According to RapidScale, 20% of cloud users are able to recover from a site disaster in four hours or less in comparison to 9% of non-cloud storage users.

Ease of Scalability

In-house IT solutions are less easy to replace, an issue when investing all too commonly in too much or too little storage space.

When it comes to the cloud, increasing or decreasing storage requirements and server space can often happen within hours and in line with business needs. In an InformationWeek survey, 65% of respondents felt it was the ability to scale and meet business demands that made them move to the cloud.

Reduction in Cost

Much of the above will result in the ability to save money due to:

  • Smaller in-house IT infrastructure
  • Better security, back up and disaster recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Improved speeds and wider accessibility

In essence, a business’ operating costs can decrease and its productivity increase with the use of cloud storage.

Moving to the cloud to enjoy its benefits

Available to businesses across sectors, the benefits of cloud storage are wide-ranging. Cloud services are not created equal however so taking the time to investigate which one is the right fit for you is important. Top providers will walk you through the process of transferring your data securely and keeping it confidential.

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