Five tips to increase your productivity at work

04. September 2018 | Drooms Global

When you’re working on a tight schedule and your concentration fails you, it can be more than just frustrating. You know you need to get things done, but you can’t seem to get your brain in gear long enough to deliver and fear doesn’t seem to instigate any motivation either. Trust me, we have all been there. Instead of despairing over your lack of productivity, consider these five steps to get you back in the game!

#1: Create a to-do list

Sorry to put a downer on things, I know this may not sound particularly fulfilling nor ground-breaking but how on earth can you expect to get anything done if you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing? A to do-list sets everything in motion and provides you with a clear direction. Believe in the list.

#2: Prioritise tasks

So, you now have that wonderful to-do list, it might be worth considered what should be tackled first. Ask yourself how long each task is going to take, your level of alertness and its deadline. Are you going to need input from third parties? If another department needs to sign off do factor that in.

#3: Discipline yourself

Distraction is the true killer of productivity. When was the last time you gave 100% focus to a task at hand? Perhaps that YouTube video of a cat petting a dog is circulating around the office and you can’t help but get FOMO. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I promise you, that friendly cat will still be there after you accomplish that task. Leaning to complete one project at a time will increase efficiency and minimise human error finally enabling you to start crossing off those items on your never-ending list!

#4: Take breaks

According to experts taking short breaks when completing long tasks can boost focus. Burying your head for long periods of time can actually be counterproductive. KitKat’s slogan should resonate here. Get into the habit of taking ten-minute breaks every 40-45 minutes to improve concentration levels. Make sure you take those headphones out, get up from your desk and actually stretch those legs. Why not get that caffeine fix? Um no, checking your email doesn’t count.

#5: Tell people to bug off…politely

Yes, I know we may all dream of telling our co-workers to stuff it, but sadly that really isn’t advisable if you actually want to keep your job. That said, it is important that during your 40-45-minute stints you are not being disturbed. Don’t be shy to let people know you are right in the middle of something and provide an alternative time they can drop by. Not only will this create structure in your day to day but will also help your team plan their tasks accordingly based on your availability. Two birds, one stone people.