Data room archives: Drooms introduces new digital download link

07. April 2020 | Drooms Global

A complete record of data room actions and documentation is particularly important for the legal guarantee phase of a transaction and has been a long-standing requirement among M&A and real estate professionals post deal. To add to its existing list of DVDs, USBs and Blockchain options, Drooms is now offering a digital link enabling the full download of data room content within a 24h period to Enterprise clients!

What are the advantages of using the new archiving option?


Reduced costs

Without the usual hardware production and delivery requirements, opting for the digital download link significantly reduces overheads. Given existing ‘work from home’ constraints, Drooms is currently offering data room copies completely free of charge!

Enhanced speed

Generated as a means to simplify remote working practices and extend the digital workflows of its customers, the new alternative introduced by Drooms no longer relies on set delivery times, drastically speeding up project deadlines. Goodbye unwanted time restrictions. Hello possible.

Increased reliability

When it comes to traditional archiving practices, such as the use of hard drives, DVDs and USBs, certain challenges exist. For one, many devices block USB ports or no longer feature the option to read many data carriers. Secondly, data availability is often reliant on the life expectancy of the storage media in question which is prone to wear and tear over time. By replacing clunky and outdated methods of archiving data with a more consistent option, the threat to the long-term preservation of data is significantly reduced.

Environmental integrity

Businesses are focusing increasingly on finding sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and its resources. Operating under such an ethos is not only ethically rewarding but can also be profitable. The likes of Unilever, IBM and Panasonic are some of the big names making waves in their sectors. The environmental impact of CD creation alone contributes to the emission of millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Their disposal is equally polluting given the level of plastic involved in their production. With no non-biodegradable storage devices or transportation related emissions in sight, a digital download link has the added benefit of being both a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

What doesn’t change

Drooms customers can book their digital archive as usual via the standard closure form. Password protection remains an active feature providing continued security in support of our main goal: to keep your confidential data protected from unjustified modification, processing or loss.