Digitisation of the investment processes and fundraising

Drooms Deal Flow

Investment processes have transformed in recent years thanks to the technological revolution. Processes like fundraising have become digitised and transformed from deals you make in the back of an office room to clicks of a button online. What is driving the digitisation of the investment processes?

25. April 2017 | Drooms Global

Why you need a virtual data room

Virtual Data Room Drooms

The cloud is everywhere and we often take it for granted. In fact, not every cloud is the same. You might be ok with storing pictures of your last vacation on whatever cloud service—practice we advise against anyway!—but your business information should never be stored and shared uncritically. That’s where virtual data rooms (VDRs) come in: they offer a higher degree of protection for everything confidential.

18. April 2017 | Drooms Global

How to Dress for Success: Investment Banker Edition

While you might nail your interview outfit, you can’t exactly walk to your new investment-banking job wearing a pink tracksuit. Indeed, the banking world is famous for its unwritten dress code and these are the rules every young banker should know – and follow.

07. April 2017 | Drooms Global