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Mitigating risk in cross border real estate transactions

Despite political and economic uncertainty and sharp pricing, the share of cross border investment in Europe has increased in the last 12 months. Real estate markets have shown resiliency in the face of disruption with several firms looking to deploy capital into Europe. Growth is expected in the coming months as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout takes effect, travel bans lift and the world opens back up.

17. September 2021

Sustainability in the real estate industry: How digitalisation helped to make ESG reporting possible

Sustainable concepts linked to new ESG regulations are an increasingly frequent part of the corporate world. The requirements incumbent upon political and business stakeholders are changing with greater dynamism and complexity: increased regulations, fiercer competition and values are in a constant state of flux. As a result, the demands related to the development, management and administration of real estate assets are also changing. Data is the basis from which companies will remain fit for the future.

15. September 2021

Ten popular SaaS solutions every business should consider

Organisations today have greater access to Software as a Service (SaaS) tools than ever before. SaaS products help with numerous tasks that can be automated and transferred to cloud-based systems, offering tangible benefits to businesses. With the sheer volume of options out there however, firms can easily become overwhelmed during the decision-making process.

21. July 2021 | Drooms Global