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6 myths about AI debunked

The rising adoption of artificial intelligence has generated significant hype which, unsurprisingly, has led to misunderstandings about the technology itself and what it can and cannot do. We take a look at the six most common AI myths below.

02. December 2019

The 25 essential documents for your M&A deals

Drooms due diligence data room

Regardless of the size of a transaction, a due diligence is to some extent a regulated process. Having these 25 documents in your data room will make a world of difference. Here we advise you on how to start off a deal on the right foot.

08. August 2019 | Drooms Global

Public vs. private cloud: which is best?

Cloud computing is an integral part of a business’ success and can provide a whole host of benefits including increased flexibility and a reduction in costs. But with many options available, which solution comes out on top and why?

12. July 2019 | Drooms Global