The Drooms Auto Allocation Feature

Meet the trainable, AI-based functionality, that learns how you organise your documents and does all the grunt work for you.

Drooms Auto Allocation

Auto Allocation automatically analyses and sorts large volumes of incoming documents selected and uploaded by you into the required index point, even if you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of documents per asset. What’s more, Drooms’ machine learning algorithm learns continuously, generating suggestions for any new uploads with increasing accuracy over time.

The Benefits

1. Customisable Templates

When a new data room is created, you can now define your own structure to be used across all your data rooms. The data rooms with Auto Allocation enabled support customer-defined index templates, to ensure appropriate allocation according to company standards and/or regulations.

2. Time Saving

Distributing files into their corresponding folders at asset level can be an extremely slow and frustrating process. In the Drooms data room, you can speed up your workflow by simply uploading a batch of documents via the drag-and-drop function and allowing the software to do the work for you.

3. Retrainable

The more data and documents you allocate, the better your results will be over time across templates and projects thanks to our machine learning technology.

How it all works

Drooms strives to make its platform as user friendly as possible, and its integrated Auto Allocation feature is no exception.

Step 2
Select Templates

When a new data room is created, the Drooms data room administrator should define a new, or select an existing, index 'folder' structure to be used in the data room, according to the customer’s buy/hold/sell processes. Templates determining specific machine learning rules should also be chosen.

Upload and Allocate Documents

Upload your chosen documents to your data room using “Allocate files” and the drag and drop function, then sit back.

Step 3
Step 4
Manual Confirmation

After batch document upload or upload of individual documents, confirm or reject the proposed allocation suggestions manually in “Notifications”. Our AI-powered approach constantly refines document’s future index allocations!

Enjoy The Magic

Save time and ensure ever improving quality of results based on your defined way of working. No stress.

Step 5