Drooms Software Solution Supports Sales Process of REWE Group

Virtual data room Drooms ensures the safe completion of the sale of 16 ProMarkt stores of the REWE Group to the expert Group.

On 9 July 2013, Cologne-based supermarket operator the REWE Group announced that it has sold 16 ProMarkt stores to the expert Group. The sales process was supported by the secure virtual data room Drooms. The Drooms virtual data room was used to facilitate due diligence, which is important in ensuring the security of documents during the sales process.

The virtual data room Drooms offers a highly secure platform, which is especially important when dealing with sensitive data common in due diligence processes. The virtual data room's central structure helps facilitate the handling and processing of numerous sensitive documents, and the fast display speed shows documents in real time, allowing work to be completed quickly and efficiently. Various parties can simultaneously access all documents, such as contracts and invoices, at any time, in accordance with predefined permissions. 

Additional tools and support services, such as the Q&A management platform, encourage smooth communications and sales processes. The usual flood of emails, faxes, phone calls, and Excel sheets are eliminated by the integrated Drooms Q&A tool, and ongoing documentation of all processes ensure that defined safety and compliance measures are met.