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About Drooms

Drooms, the leading provider of Virtual Data Rooms in Europe, allows companies controlled access to confidential corporate data across company boundaries and specialises in providing tailored solutions for the entire value chain and lifecycle management of assets. Confidential business processes such as commercial real estate sales, mergers and acquisitions, non-performing loans (NPL) transactions and board communications are handled securely, transparently and efficiently by Drooms. Its customer base includes leading global real estate companies, consultants, law firms and corporations. All servers are located in Germany and Switzerland and are GDPR compliant.

Company facts:

  • 170 employees from 25 different nationalities
  • 9 locations
  • At the moment 90.000 users across 165 countries are using Drooms
  • 15.000 projects amounting to over EUR 300 billion since its inception

Press contact

Rebecca Dahmen
E: r.dahmen@drooms.com



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