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Drooms wins the Property Investor Europe Award

June 9, 2016
  • The outstanding achievements of businesses and professionals from the European real estate sector have been recognised for the first time
  • Drooms named “Technical advisory firm of the year”

Frankfurt/London/Zug, 9 June 2015 – For the first time, the achievements of leading companies from the European real estate sector were recognised at a celebratory gala dinner held by Property Investor Europe (PIE Magazine) in London. Drooms has consolidated its position as the leading European provider of secure cloud solutions, being named “Technical advisory firm of the year” by the jury, which comprised 15 members. Jan Hoffmeister, Managing Director of Drooms, can look back on many years’ experience: “Drooms has revolutionised due diligence – 15 years ago, we were still working with reams of paper files in the archive room. These days, state-of-the-art virtual data rooms are the standard. We haven’t witnessed these changes passively, which has made us what we are today”. In total, winners were named in 22 categories. More than 200 real estate specialists were present in London to celebrate the winners in all categories.

In the real estate sector, secure access to all transaction-relevant documents is the foundation of efficient property acquisitions and sales. Given the often massive quantities of data involved, speed is key to ensuring the rapid success of a transaction. The Drooms platform offers fast document display in real time, guaranteeing an efficient sales process, even when working with large quantities of data. The virtual data room also enables secure access to highly sensitive data, even across national borders. Hoffmeister comments on the challenges faced by the market: “The growth of the international real estate sector has increased the demands placed on underlying processes. The workflow must not be interrupted, as this can also have a direct influence on the transaction costs”.

In recent years, Drooms has continually driven forward its internationalisation in Europe and beyond. The SaaS provider is now active in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, Spain and South America.

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