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Drooms and realxdata announce partnership to offer greater efficiency in real estate transactions

April 7, 2020

London, 7 April 2020 – Drooms, Europe’s leading provider of virtual data rooms (VDRs), and realxdata, one of Germany’s leading technology companies specialized in the analysis of real estate data, have announced a partnership aiming to improve the efficiency of clients’ real estate transactions.

The joint proposition of VDRs with property market analysis and transaction management solutions will make the preparation and execution of real estate transactions significantly quicker and simpler. The new service, which has been designed above all with transaction and acquisition managers and brokers in mind, is scheduled for launch in autumn 2020.

The analysis tools offered by realxdata use AI to compile lists of tenants and other transaction-relevant information, process this data and visualise it at the touch of a button. Based on the information available and structured data from over 100 sources that is automatically updated, the customer receives high quality and easily-accessible portfolio analyses plus market and competitor assessments. This gives users a data-driven decision-making tool for the purchase or sale of real estate assets, enabling them to anticipate transaction-relevant market developments more rapidly.

The new Drooms-realxdata Application Programming Interface (API) means that data can be integrated in purchase and sale processes easily and securely. Data and documents are sorted digitally and logically in the transaction VDR. Transactions can then be conducted quickly and securely via the Drooms TRANSACTION product, which transforms individual information silos into efficient networks.

Alexandre Grellier, CEO and Co-Founder of Drooms, commented: “The pressure to remain competitive is increasingly leading businesses of all sizes to adopt cutting-edge technology and improve their business processes. The interconnectivity of software systems is an important factor for success in this. realxdata is an important partner in the real estate and finance sector because it shares our vision and strategy, and is very well equipped in terms of technology.”

Dr Titus Albrecht, CEO and Co-Founder of realxdata: “The collaboration of Drooms and realxdata has created what is so far a unique service for acquisition managers and brokers. Together, we are setting new industry standards in data management, communication, efficiency, user-friendliness and security in transaction management. This is a ground-breaking signal across the entire real estate sector.”

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