Commercial Real Estate Marketing: Professional Presentation Is a Critical Success Factor

July 25, 2014

Recent surveys indicate that the marketing of real estate is substantially shifting to an online model, and new software solution Drooms Exposé streamlines the professional online presentation of high value assets. Drooms Exposé is available as a free trial for anyone registering on the Drooms website.

The professional marketing of high value assets is key to ensuring the successful sale of commercial real estate. The new software solution Drooms Exposé is designed for this specific purpose, offering sellers a quick, easy, and secure application. Asset managers, brokers, and owners can create online exposés with just a few clicks. Images, text, and interactive cards and documents such as building plans and market studies can be added through the use of standardised templates. The editable interface design allows users to customise the interface in line with their corporate design requirements.

Drooms Exposé is easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. But, whilst easy access is a key element, confidentiality still remains an important aspect and access to the Drooms Exposé is restricted to personal invitations from the owner or seller. This guarantees security and complete control of the sale process.

To further enhance vendor control, comprehensive documentation and report functions are available. This provides full visibility of all activity within Exposé and allows sellers to react immediately to any potential buyer interest. Drooms Exposé also supports brokers in the provision of qualified broker certification. Drooms’ managing director, Jan Hoffmeister, commented, “The digitisation of real estate processes is in line with the move towards web-based transactions. Many manual steps, which previously had to be carried out physically by realtors, can now be supported by the relevant and appropriate software tools. These include initiating contact on social networks, to acquiring financial means using crowd funding portals and handling online due diligence processes via virtual data rooms.” While a decade ago these processes were handled physically, virtual data rooms are now regarded as standard practice in important, high-value transactions. Jan Hoffmeister predicts that “teasers” will follow a similar course, stating that “this development is happening significantly more quickly, because companies are now much more prepared to implement digital approaches.”

According to a recent survey carried out by consultancy firm Gawlitta, real estate marketing is shifting unrelentingly towards an online model. A modern, web-based digital marketing model enhances the presentation of assets, creating additional value, which in turn generates higher levels of market interest in the assets over a longer period. At the same time, according to Hoffmeister, “The online model brings additional benefits through the types of reports available in tools such as Exposé that can provide increased awareness of real time buyer behaviour whilst simultaneously ensuring that sensitive information can no longer simply be forwarded on to third parties without the sellers’ knowledge.” He added, “The use of an online tool also completely removes the costs associated with production and dispatch providing a very significant cost benefit.”

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