Commercial Real Estate Marketing 3.0: Modern Online Presentations an Alternative to Classical Print Exposés

March 31, 2015

The new version of the software solution Drooms Exposé facilitates modern and professional online marketing of high-value single assets or whole portfolios. Confidentiality assured via password-protected access. Measure performance using real-time data such as views, downloads, or clicks.

London, 31 March 2015 – First impressions count. This adage also applies to real estate marketing, and an attractive and professionally designed Exposé is crucial to success when marketing to potential prospects. The new version of Drooms Exposé is created for this specific purpose and offers sellers a quick, easy, and secure solution for their asset marketing needs.

Asset managers, brokers, and owners can create online Exposés in a matter of clicks, either for individual assets or entire portfolios. Assets are staged using images, texts, interactive maps, and documents such as construction plans or market studies. The interface is designed to allow users to customise an Exposé that is in line with their corporate image requirements.

Additionally, Drooms Exposé is easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. However, though easy access is a key feature of the software, confidentiality still remains paramount, and access to an Exposé is restricted only to those who have received personal invitations from the owner or seller. Restricting access guarantees security and complete control of the sale process, helping to prevent unauthorised disclosure and dissemination of confidential marketing material. Using the reporting function, sellers can also track whether or how intensively the Exposé was reviewed by the invited parties.

After the launch of a free trial version by Drooms last year, the official commercial solution was recently released.

”The great interest in Drooms Exposé has confirmed that there is high demand for software support in digitising real estate processes like marketing,” said Jan Hoffmeister, the founder of the company. User feedback in the test phase led to implementation of additional features, such as extensive search and filter functions, in the new version.

“Many of our new customers use the new Drooms Exposé for their entire portfolio. All objects are uploaded pre-emptively and, depending on market conditions and potential demand, invitations can be sent on short notice to interested parties. This gives property owners more flexibility and significantly reduces the time to market.”

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