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UBS Real Estate utilized Drooms' technology to centralize and digitize their extensive portfolio

UBS Real Estate with Drooms

About the case study

UBS Real Estate Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH (UBS Real Estate), a provider of open real estate funds, announced in March 2010 that it is optimising its international data management process long term by centralising its databases.

Enhanced Data Centralization

UBS Real Estate, over 10+ years, centralized its data management by consolidating approximately 100,000 documents from various locations into a unified online platform, improving access and organization.

Compliance and Security Achieved

Through the new system, UBS Real Estate aligns with EU regulations and security standards, securely managing documents in both physical and digital formats, serving around 2,000 users across 350 groups.

Streamlined Portfolio Management

The project enables efficient portfolio management and quick market adaptability, leveraging transparent stock control methods for rapid transaction preparation and immediate market readiness.

Centralisation for better results.

In the past, original documents relating to UBS Real Estate’s property portfolio have been stored at various central locations across Europe, but in 2009, as part of a long-term project, true centralisation of all real estate–related documentation began. For the project, UBS Real Estate teamed up with Drooms to collect, structure, host and exchange documents via a single, highly secure online platform.
UBS Real Estate


To simplify the control, transparency and coordination of data throughout Europe having quick and easy access to information.
As a result of the new process, UBS Real Estate is compliant with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, EU data protection legislation and European security standards. With Drooms PORTFOLIO+ documents are now centrally stored in a physical “Operational Storage” facility. At the same time, digital copies of the documents are made permanently available to a selected group of users in a virtual, secured data room. With this new solution, UBS Real Estate is able to ensure that the documents they are obliged to retain are stored in a properly structured manner, which in turn improves navigation and also makes it much easier for the company to sell off real estate. The high degree of transparency offered by this modern stock control method makes it possible to manage your portfolio more efficiently and react rapidly to changing market conditions as well as limit overall time and cost spent on preparing for a transaction. Permanent virtual data rooms can help make you market ready even at extremely short notice.

The operation involves:

> Merging, processing and provision of all custody obligatory and object relevant documents relating to UBS RE KAG fund properties;
> Digitisation and subsequent archiving of physical documents with simultaneous access to documents via digital data rooms for all stakeholders as defined by the requirements of UBS.

Please note: all physical documents are granted a unique ID and labelled with a corresponding barcode to make them and their originals searchable at a click

Operative support

> Quality delivery checks
> Integration of documents in storage/data room structure
> Processing and completion of document related metadata
> Systematic completeness and data consistency checks

Process organisation

> Develop a project-specific process manual;
> Continuous process improvement with customers and third parties.

Process control

> Control of the archive service for the physical “Operational Storage” (Active Archive);
> Structured storage of custody obligatory documents;
> Coordination of deliveries with those responsible across Europe.

Data room organisation:

> User management for various purposes (e.g. assets etc.);
> Coordination and training of data room administrators on the client side;
> Q&A management with third parties.

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