Automotive M&A Deal: Merger Between Pininfarina and Tech Mahindra Supported by Drooms Virtual Data Room

November 1, 2016

The legendary Italian company Pininfarina, famous across the world, has created designs for car brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Maserati. Drooms is supporting online due diligence processes within this cross-border transaction.

Milan/Zug, 01 November 2016 – The timeless design of car brands such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Maserati have enthralled car enthusiasts for decades. The company behind the famous designs has now gained a strong partner for further growth. Tech Mahindra Limited, a leading supplier of IT, network and engineering solutions, has, together with Mahindra & Mahindra as part of the global Mahindra Group, whose revenue year-to-date amounts to USD 17.8bn, acquired a majority shareholding of 76.06% from in the Italian company from the previous majority shareholders Pincar S.r.l.. Drooms supported the transaction process, which has been ongoing for two years, with a virtual data room.

Online Due Diligence Process with 200 Stakeholders

The Italian company Pininfarina S.p.A. was founded by the Pininfarina family 86 years ago and came to prominence above all for the design of the first Ferrari 212 and Ferrari 250 GT. The company remains independent, with Paolo Pininfarina as Chairman of the Board. More than 200 stakeholders were involved in the transaction and required access to all relevant documents during the initial phase from many difference places and across various time zones. With its controlled access rights to transaction-relevant documents, the virtual data room solution from Drooms guaranteed efficient processes for all parties involved, despite what was a complex starting point for the project. Drooms facilitates decentralised due diligence processes, meaning that stakeholders can work on the project from anywhere – including via their mobile end devices. With detailed rights management at group and document level, individual users were assigned suitable access rights, thereby ensuring that confidential information did not fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, all data room activity was recorded on an ongoing basis.

Cross-Border Transaction: Synergies for International Growth

For Pininfarina, the merger with the globally active Mahindra Group represents an opportunity to tap into a global market via an existing sales network. Pininfarina’s first-class design and engineering services are the mark of a company that strives to stand out from the crowd in the automotive world, granting further access to the global automotive sector for the Tech Mahindra Group.

Drooms has been providing support in the form of its secure virtual data room solution for complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial transactions, fundraising and IPOs for 15 years. More than 25,000 companies around the world count on the support of Drooms’ secure platform. The internationally active company is now presenting the latest revolution in due diligence processes: Drooms NXG. The aim of the new platform is to increase automation in due diligence processes via innovative features. Drooms is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and maintains a presence in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Madrid and Milan.

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